Pilates Essentials Kit

Pilates Essentials Kit

The Pilates Essentials Kit is the perfect toolbox of Pilates props and accessories for instructors and at-home practitioners looking to add variety and challenge to Matwork, Reformer or equipment-based workouts. This specially priced kit includes our most versatile professional-quality props that build core strength, re-balance muscles, improve strength, stamina and flexibility as well as target and repair injuries and other movement impairments.

Individual props come complete with bonus downloadable exercise guides

Kit includes

  • Eco Fitness Magic Circle (14 inches)
  • Eco Pilates Mat (72 inches) 
  • PB DISC Stability Cushion (Approx. Diameter: 13 inches)
  • High-Density Round EPP Foam Roller (36 inches)
  • Resistance band/theraband (72 inches)
  • ECO Non-slip Exercise Workout Yoga Stretch Strap (approx. 70 inches)
    $150.00 Regular Price
    $105.00Sale Price


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